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Lisa Briggs

Thank you so much for you support as I take the next step to find a cure for Lung Cancer! On April 13th 2019 I will be walking in Dallas, Texas to support the Bonnie Addario Foundation. Her walk is called...

'Your next step is the Cure'.

Bonnie Addario and her team have provided an incredible amount of support not just for me personally but also for my family. She has taken us under her wing and provided endless support, love and care when we needed it most. Her foundation have made us feel safe and welcome when we were at our most vulnerable times and have always willing to connect us to the very best support networks globally.

In terms of my type of lung cancer ALK positive, Bonnie J Addario Foundation are currently running a trial to work out why the targeted therapy drugs for ALK stop working over time. This information is invaluable as it can help direct the pharmaceutical companies in their development of new life-saving drugs. Without, this critical research or these drugs, my options are limited.

Please support Bonnie in the work she is doing no matter how big or small the donation is, so that her team can continue to support people like me, in being able to see my children through their primary school years and beyond....

I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Thank-you so much - Lisa, Kirk, Jazzy and AJ


raised of $5,000 goal

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1. BfBroekhoff Family
We are just so honored to be able to support such an amazing individual as well as foundation
2. SCSophie Paul Ruben And Charlie
You go girl ! You are such an inspiration and we are so proud of you. Love Sophie, Paul, Ruben and Charlie
3. SPSue Pettingill
Well done Lisa. Such a great cause. Hope the walk goes really well. xx
4. CCorrado Canzoneri C/O Classic Paving Pty Ltd
Great work! Good Luck!
5. Lisa Briggs
6. Lisa Briggs

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